Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Artistic process demystified - "Black Cockatoo, Flowering Gum" illustration tutorial by Heidi Willis

I'd recently discovered the works of Heidi Willis, a self-taught watercolourist. I liked this particular series of "art tutorial by images" so much that I've decided to mention it here as well:

Nice, right? If you want to learn more about the creative process, I've blogged about at MyRightBrain.

Heidi later wrote to me that she left a comment in that blog post because she wanted to explain the process so that I could can get the most out of the images. She also wrote that she would like to understand how other people read her work (hmm.. is this "Web 2.0" in action?)

Well I certainly did learn more (thanks!) and perhaps you might want to leave a comment over at MyRightBrain for Heidi.


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