Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rambling Librarian's Podcast: "Run (Our Feet Will Follow)"

If you jog or run, maybe you'll like this one:

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In this particular track, I've experimented with vocals. You'd hear these lines being repeated:
We do not always have to know
Where we're running to
So long as our heart is in motion
Our feet will follow

My diction isn't too good and the third line tends to sound like "so long as our heart is an ocean" rather than "in motion". I figured it was me rather than the microphone, heh.

That's my voice you hear (tweaked it a little with the Equaliser settings) and when you hear the Child's voice, that's me too! There's a Vocal effect in GarageBand that allows you to manipulate your voice inputs to sound like a child, woman or man (up to a certain extent of course).

This track has a relatively slow and steady beat, ideal for jogging or working out (according to my preferred running pace, that is). Initially I titled it "Run Like the Wind" but my wife said it sounded like a cliche. I agreed. She then suggested just calling it "Run" and I liked it (BTW, up till now, she hasn't heard the song or most of the songs I've posted, and that's not something you can force on someone, LOL).

Next I decided the track needed vocals for variety. I listened to the track, and with the microphone plugged in, I uttered some words. Slowly but surely, the words were formed. A case of discovering words through music?

I didn't deliberately set out to create a track for jogging or running. Like most of the GarageBand pieces I've created so far, I would listen to the loops and when my brain tells me, "This could be something", that loop (it could be a beat or a instrument melody) will serve as the basis for laying on more loops.

Writing this, I realised that's why I like creating music, the way I've done it.

I start off with a general goal in mind (i.e. "Publish and share a piece of music") but that goal is just to make things tangible. The real aim is to engage myself in the process of creating that track. I use the word "engage" 'cos it's about engaging oneself thought experimenting, thinking, creating new understandings etc. I suppose you could call it "Serendipitious Music Making", i.e. "making fortunate discoveries by accident".

In truth, the serendipity in doing things is what we know as "play", isn't it?

And this serendipitious way, when applied to reading, is what makes reading enjoyable. If you're the kind of reader who enjoys browsing and discovering books by accident, then you'd know what I mean -- but more of this later.

Enjoy this track.

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  1. nice lyrics. shan't play back the music yet at this public space i am at now though, heh :)


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