Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New look to Technorati.com: Watch the Screencast

Thanks to Kevin for the heads-up. Here's a Technorati.com screencast - Quicktime Movie - on the newly unveiled (Jul 2006) Technorati website. Includes an overview of the features and services.

I learnt a few new things myself, especially the "Favorited" feature. Try searching for your own blog, then click on it for information.

I'm also asking myself, "How did they make that video?"
Wonder if it's easy enough to do it myself. For simple online user-education clips like, "How to use the library OPAC" or "Introducing the new XXX Database" etc.

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  1. There are several tools for Mac and PC to do screencasts liek these. The most popular one for Windows is Camtasia Studio ($$ Commercial software). We use it a lot here at the Educational Technology Center to supplement our workshops. For Mac, there's a freeware called iShowU and it does basic screencasting, with nothing fancy. A more fancy commercial one is SnapzPro X by Ambrosia Software.


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