Wednesday, April 11, 2007

First there was YouTube (for videos). Then Slideshare (popularly known as the YouTube for Powerpoint).

And now, introducing TeacherTube!
screenshot -
[Hat-tip to Dembe Wellman for this]

Will we see LibraryTube next? You know, instructional videos on how to make the most of libraries, community-contributed videos on reading and learning... : )


  1. Ivan, I admire your enthusiasm in championing all things libraries. Personally I am not too sure if there is very much to shoot if you have a LibraryTube. Many of these spinoffs from youtube are trying to capitalise on the same idea that they have pioneered in online video streaming and viewing.

  2. ivan, teachertube is awesome - thank you for blogging about it. before reading your blog post, i had not heard about it.

    i think librarytube is an excellent idea.

  3. I would say in the long run unless these newer tubes find a sponsor, it will be hard to sustain these. Video publishing needs storage and lots of bandwidth. Another issue is copyrights/legality etc. Youtube is big enough to withstand or negotiate with people trying to sue them. On a smaller service you may not have resources to spot copyright violations etc and stand up to governments/corporates asking you to remove videos that is objectionable .

    I would suggest using existing infrastructure of youtube, jumpcut, vimeo etc. and use tags, channels etc. to create a seperate area for education use.

    If I remember correctly one of the motivation of the guy who created teacher tube was that schools were starting to ban youtube. I think the solution is not to create a new platform - that may one day be hard to sustain - but to educate the school board members and decision makers that kids are going to be more distracted from now on. Youtube is working on a mobile version. Kids will just watch the video they want to watch on their mobile.

  4. Motiono is also a great video sharing site just like Youtube and Yahoo's Jumpcut. Just like Youtube, on motiono there is a choice to upload from mobile devices.

  5. Anonymous6:42 am

    In January Yavapai College Library will actually have a link on their website to a page they have called LibraryTube. It will contain videos such as this An Afternoon Romp


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