Friday, April 20, 2007

Brief update on the Singapore Social Media Directory

Updated navigation panelBrief update on the Singapore Social Media Directory:

I've expanded the Individual categories from four ("A-G", "H-N" etc.) to 13 ("A-B", "C-D" etc.)

Initially I wasn't sure if the wiki would be updated. Too many unpopulated categories might frustrate users (who click and find a blank page). Now that there's enough entries for each of the 13 pages, I might as well expand the categories now, since the social experiment hasn't crashed and burned. It hasn't exactly taken the Singapore Blogosphere by storm though, but that wasn't the point.

It's been an eye-opener for me so far. I'll post more details on the observations and learning points at a later date.

BTW, here's a feature for those not familiar with wikis (it's something I learned as part of the experiment): The cool thing about a wiki is that it allows users to track changes and compare versions.

For instance, to see the changes made to different versions of the navigation page, click on the "history" tab of that page, then choose the two versions to compare against.
Comparing changes

For, the insertions and deletions are highlighted in green and red respectively.
Details on insertions & deletions to the wiki page

Until I started using the wiki with an end in mind, I wasn't able to fully appreciate the usefulness of this feature.

OK, more updates soon.

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