Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Podcast: We Stand Unbroken (2007)

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unbroken |ˌənˈbrōkən|
not broken, fractured, or damaged

Listen/ download from or Highlights of "how its done" at My Right Brain.

Why did I call it "Unbroken"?

It just felt right. It's about facing and overcoming adversity. Doing what we must in spite of our fears.

No, I didn't do this piece because of the Virginia Tech Massacre. But for what it's worth, I'm dedicating it to the victims.

Thanks to Lunarin for inspiring this piece. I heard one song from their Chrysalis album and was hooked. Bought their CD. Was inspired by track two, "Dry", and wanted to create a track with that sound. It's nowhere as good as theirs though, but that's not the point :)

I tell my friends Lunarin's music is "New Age meets Heavy Metal". They even have a Wikipedia entry. I've added them to the Singapore Social Media Directory (under Group A - N).


  1. i like this song, ivan. your playing gets better and better with each new post!

  2. hahaha, and I thought you did this because of the ministerial pay hike!

  3. hey brother!!....real cool!!...must teach me how u create this when i come back...u have great talents brother!


  4. Sounds like it should be used for movies; e.g. CSI

  5. Nice bit of electric guitar riffs there. I feel this has a bit more "oomph" than your earlier compositions.

  6. iMacKeane9:51 am

    nice track!


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