Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What is Web 2.0.?

"Is this Web 2.0?"

Here's a post by australian liblogarian, Real Public Librarian (i.e Deb), where she describes how she met Doug at the conference, and then I got mentioned somehow (which isn't surprising to bloggers, 'cos you talk about bloggers whom you've connected with).

Deb also mentioned my colleague, Veronica, in the same post. My colleague doesn't have a blog but I dare say she's clued into the blogging thing to understand what it's about. I just sent Deb's post to my colleague. When I have a chance, I'll speak with my colleague about what she and Deb discussed...

... hang on, Kevin (who's currently in the US of A) just IMed me... he says "today I'm going to the dental school to help doctors there get the hang on web 2.0... getting my powerpoint in order".

Ah, more talk about Web 2.0.

I asked Kevin "Web 2.0. = IT as tools for engagment/ dialogue?" and he says not quite. I've reproduced this part of our conversation, with his permission:
Kevin: "web 2.0 is more like a platform, IT is a little passe"

Ivan: "isn't a platform = IT? 'cos the web depends on IT as platform?"

Kevin: "no, a platform can exist on a philosophical plane as well. Core to web 2.0 is less tech and more people. Web 1.0 was more tech and less people. It isn't so much about the technology, but more on the social parts of it."
As I asked earlier, "Is this Web 2.0?"

Also, how does all this Web 2.0. stuff relate to librarianship? Do librarians need to know it? Maybe answer is "Yes" because we need to recognise and tap on its relevance (if any). Or perhaps answer is "No" because maybe we are already in it, or it will come to us, so all this discussion about Web 2.0/ Library 2.0 is academic.

I wonder what Kenneth has to say about all this, in relation to Web 2.0 (he does presentations on what Web 2.0 as part of his work).


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  1. hi there, came to this blog cos its No.1 on Google for "Singapore Web 2.0", a spot i used to occupy, hahaha... but no hard feelings there.. I blog about Web 2.0 too in Singapore after learning about it in Silicon Valley and might be able to help you and your fellow librarians learn more about Web 2.0 in Singapore. Drop me a comment on my blog and lets chat.


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