Tuesday, June 06, 2006

READ! Singapore 2006 Round Up #1

Here's the READ! Singapore 2006 round up at High Browse Online, since the launch on 25 May:

1) Print-to-screen: Collaboration with Canon Digital Video Fest ‘06
READ! Singapore is collaborating for the first time with Canon Digital Video Fest ’06 in setting up a new category of 'Print-to-Screen', which will allow participants to adapt the 4 selected local short stories into short films. [Read more]

2) What these librarians thought of "Tuesdays With Morrie"
"What made you choose this book?"

Kai Yin: "Enlightening and thought provoking; you will re-examine your priorities in life!"

Mardiana: "I wanted to find out what the book was about. I heard that it made a colleague cry after reading the book."
[Read more]

3) Librarians discuss "Mid-Autumn" at WRL
My colleague, Mr. Peter Chan (Adult & Young People's Services librarian), facilitated the session. He got us to draw our thoughts and impressions about the story, and then used the illustrations as a focal point in the discussions. I've posted these four photos to flickr.com, so that you can view the larger images with additional notes (click on these four images)

What you need (librarian not included):
READ! Singapore - Discussion via Pictures/ Drawings

To get these "book discussion notes":
Group A - Reflections from Group B - Reflections from Group C - Reflections from
[Read more]

4) READ! Singapore 2006 Reading Fiesta: Blogging "Live" from The Plaza
Beats Society.jpgCLL booth1.jpgCLL booth2.jpg
[Read more]


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