Thursday, June 08, 2006

Two new GarageBand music experiments: "TechnoJungle" & "I Am A Werewolf"

I am really tempted to start another blog called "Mucking Around With My Mac"... but nah, too many blogs already. Have uploaded two new tracks, all the outcomes of further experiments with GarageBand (they should rename this as "One-Person Studio" but that distinctly lacks the oomph).

This one's my longest composition yet -- 6mins over, titled "TechnoJungle":

powered by ODEO

screenshot GarageBand
Details on the piece, here.

This one's titled "So I Am A Werewolf" (2mins 21 Secs):

powered by ODEO

Details on how this was created, here.

I shared an earlier piece with contacts at Hong Kong Universities Libraries, and was tickled when they said they wanted to use it for the library closing announcement! LOL. Maybe they want to use the Werewolf piece to chase people out.

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