Friday, June 23, 2006

The story behind the picture (go over and say hello)

Tinkertailor takes a break from griping about his cubicle and posts this thoughtful piece about what (in my view) could possibly the most important aspect in any artistic endeavor:
“Many times, when we take pictures of people, we just go over and start snapping. We’re only concerned about capturing nice pictures, capturing expressions for that moment, and then we go somewhere else to take other pictures...

But we forget that when we’re capturing the human emotion, we first need to understand it, to feel it, and before we can do that, we also need to understand and feel the environment… "

Something tells me that if you agree with what Tinkertailor says in his post, you probably have an affinity with libraries. It's just my gut feel.

I'd like to think that libraries are repositories of stories captured in words. I also think that libraries (of the near future) ought to be places where new stories are created. But more of that later.

For now, go get yourself a cuppa, take a few sips and let the message sink in.

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  1. wow. i still can't believe u managed to link my post to libraries ;)


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