Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rambling Librarian's Podcast: "Electric Rain Dance 8"

I hope that you enjoy this. I had loads of fun making this -- bit by bit, track by track, layer by layer. Took me maybe 2 weeks. Not grammy material but I'm pretty darn pleased with it anyhow.

"Electric Rain Dance 8" - 4mins 32secs
Genre: Rock

powered by ODEO

The drum beats and sound effects were mixed and matched from generic loops from GarageBand. The guitar rhythm and melodies were played from a 'live' instrument -- specifically this baby here:
My guitarI had this guitar for more than 12 years. Mucking around with the Mac gave me a reason to give the good old guitar a good wipe down and a new set of strings.

The rhythmn and melody is based on the Em (E-minor), D, C and G chords. Pretty basic stuff.

Oh, don't ask me to play it again 'cos I didn't write down anything. Thinking about it now, I guess how I create music is a lot like how I paint -- each piece is an original and hard to duplicate. That's because I've never been formally trained in music theory. What I learnt about up about the playing the electric guitar has been from friends and from library books (in that order). I probably could learn music theory from library books but nah, I'll pass.

For me, each musical piece is like an original painting -- once I finish it, it's done. I enjoy it for what it is, and for the learning process, and start over.

My Odeo Podcast

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  1. AlemKay59@aol.com4:27 am

    This may coma s much of a shock to you as it was a surprise to me listening to your Electric Rain Dance. I maybe an old foggie of 59 and I cant stand Garage, but was a great follower of heavy rock...I loved what you have created. I really mean that I think it is great. I have listened to it twice so far and a few words come to mind but nothing concrete. I will listen to it again a few times but if no words come then the music will remain its own space in life.Well done Ivan.
    Allan S

  2. The multi-talented librarian is back! :)

  3. was clearing mail when i saw a mail that had your link... cool stuff... ever thought of switching career paths? lol... more pls...

  4. Love your Electric Rain Dance 8. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Real time comments:

    -Dig the thunder FX at the start of the track
    -Like the sound of the guitar at 0:49
    -Strings work well
    -Wish the drums kicked a little harder
    -ahhhh rain at 2:20!
    -structure flows nicely
    -lots of texture in the track

    I really like this Ivan, I'm not big on vocals (and there are none!) and better yet, you free styled it which I'm a big fan of. I can picture driving to this kind of sound alone through the prairies in Canada or something.

    Nice work,


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