Tuesday, June 07, 2005

David Weinberger's re-explanation of KM

Updated: 8 Jun 05

David Weinberger puts it so succinctly:
The K stands for blogs.
The M stands for tags.
Put 'em together and you get "KM."*
*Knowledge Management

I just have one problem -- my Technorati tags don't always work with Blogger.com.

I created this My Technorati Tags post to list all the tags I've used, which is like an Index to retrieve my posts (by subjects, if you will). It also serves to remind me what tags I've used, so that I don't duplicate.

Unfortunately, the tags don't always work. For instance, I know I have several posts tagged . But Technorati tells me there are no posts with such tag, when I know I have this, this, this, this, this,and this.

Maybe I'm missing something here.

Anyway, I sometimes resort to using the Google search (provided by Blogger.com) with the same Technorati tag terms in quotation marks, like this -- "rambling librarian interview".

Tag: ,


  1. i've tried putting a few tags on my posts but not all of them appeared as i hoped. so i wrote to technorati but, two weeks later (probably more), i have not received a response. i'm thinking of just resorting to furl or delicious. you got technorati to reply to you before, right? maybe they'll pay attention to an email from you...

  2. Nah, they probably got tired of me already : )


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