Wednesday, June 29, 2005

READ! Singapore has a blogspot site

There's now a blogspot companion site to READ! Singapore -

BTW, I don't consider it a real blog 'cos the postings aren't as spontaneous as I would have liked. I can't complain though. Initially there were some... issues... in getting it officially endorsed. In the end, compromises had to be made (Ok, that's all I'm going to say about that here. As someone advised me, sometimes we've just got to take baby-steps).

The library would like to encourage comments and online discussions of the books, like this one. If you've read the book, give us a few short lines or a few photos etc.

I've got a few book reviews from students, which I'll be posting shortly.

(BTW, do let me know what you think of the READ! Singapore blogspot site).



  1. Singapore's libraries (both pubic and academic libraries) are really excellent, I must say....

  2. Hi, I stumbled on your blog. Neat blog. I love the library in Singapore!


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