Saturday, June 11, 2005

Endorsement for NLB libraries

Some days I question myself, "Why do I bother to work so hard? Is the library service making a difference in the lives of our users? What if all this is for nothing?"

Then I read a post like this, and self-doubt vanishes. I throw myself into work with confidence.

... I love love love the library...

There were a few times that I secretly cursed the library for being so fast and wished that I didn’t purchase a book on impulse.

Talking about delighting a customer. I think many other government organizations have a lot to learn from them.

Thanks, Mel!

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  1. I also think that the libraries in Singapore have improved and moved with the times so much in recent years. I've been a regular Borrower since primary school and never did i once consider our singapore libraries to be outdated or slow. in fact, I think it's one aspect of Public Service that has visiually improved the most!

  2. faren2:53 pm

    When I pay taxes, I imagine them going to NLB. Then I feel better.

  3. Hehe, so do I get one year free premier membership for the endorsement? Just kidding. But really, NLB has improved by leaps and bounds. I really appreciate the hard work you guys put in, thanks!

  4. *premium (bah, stupid typo)

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  6. By the way, when did Nicholas Sparks' book, True Believer, first become available for loan from any branch of the NLB?

  7. When did it first became available? Sorry, I can't say for sure at the moment. I estimate it's early June 05.


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