Sunday, June 19, 2005

Want to lose weight? Read a book, turn off that TV

My wife pointed out this snippet from Her World magazine (p. 333, July 2004):
Body metabolism (hence calorie burning) is 14.5 per cent slower when you're watching TV than when you're reading a book.
I guess it's not necessarily just reading per se, but the act of engaging the brain through intellectual exercise. But hey, if reading is a way to lose weight, go pick up a book!



  1. Does reading online count? :)

  2. Well I suppose it does, 'cos it still counts as reading. Maybe it burns up more if you read and have to type... just stay away from snacking if you're reading online though!

  3. the heavier the book, the better! ;)

  4. great post i totally agree reading is the way to go i heard a story of a lady who struggled to give up weight... came across a book about a girl who was in a similar position but managed to lose weight and eventually reached her ideal body weight.. this inspired the woman to lose weight her self but it all started in her mind and the book shaped it for her great story

  5. i totally endorse reading and what you said makes total sense thankyou

  6. well said Ivan,

    i read an article about a man who smoked for 10 years... then decided to start reading books on topic's that interested him and he forgot he ever smoked.... bizarre..


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