Sunday, April 17, 2005

Libraries & You: Life-altering stories

Roxanne (whom I don't know personally) created an Incidentally Rambled stamp ,or what we say in Singlish as "chop". She is now my favourite SG Blogger to the power of 10. I feel like a Blogstar.

In an earlier post, I made reference to Roxanne a.k.a. Men of Clay's blogpost on "How To Begin A Romance @ The Library". She stopped by to comment, followed by GadgetDude and Kevin. In that post, I wrote that I met my wife in the library. And GadgetDude said he met his wife at Jurong West Community Library. Wow, I thought. There must be lots more examples of "romances" in local libraries. Should I start a blog just for that purpose?

That idea isn't original, as I found out. Discovered, where they're looking for happy and sad romances, requited and unrequited, to go into their book (to be published in 2005).

"Romance" alone is a bit too sappy for me. I remembered a blogpost somewhere about life-altering stories that mentioned "libraries", and I found it here, which made reference to this one.

So let me start this post and see if anyone responds. If you can, please pass the message around.
Please share snippets of any "life-altering" moments you associate with libraries or books. It need not be earth-shaking ones. To blatantly paraphrase from the jeremias post, I'm looking for stories that point to a single experience in your life that you consider having contributed to the person you are today.

"An experience that you can look back on and say, 'That shaped my personality as an adult.'"

And this experience involves libraries or books you found in libraries (the bible and other religious texts don't count, unless you found them in libraries).

If you are posting in your own blog, do leave your URL here.

Uh, I might as well make it clear now (in case Mr. Copyright rears his ugly head later):
In the off-chance (i.e. very big IF) that the stories here could be published into a book, the proceeds shall go to a registered charitable organisation. By commenting here (except those in your own blog) you are deemed to have given permission for the comments to be published (due acknowledgements given of course).

I wonder if this will encourage or discourage people from posting here...

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  1. And this is something I read minutes after this post at Etude: "When I was four, I asked for a library card of my own. The librarian took one look at me and shook her head. Sorry, she said..." (via PLA blog)

  2. Wah. You just given me a new publicity idea... "Mention my blog! And I will give you a unique chop!" Muwahahahaha.

  3. This post -- Notes of a Book Wastrel: Newsprint -- from Micheal McGroty fits the bill.


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