Sunday, April 10, 2005

Winnefox Library System

Oh, I should mention this too (via saecker):

Winnefox Library System (comprising of 30 public libraries from 5 counties in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, "a university community of over 56000 people on the shore of Lake Winnebago") also has some public libraries with "New Materials Blogs":
1) New Materials at the Poy Sippi Public Library (started in Sept '04)
2) What's New @ Coloma Public Library (started in Jan '05)
3) New Books at the Caestecker Public Library (started in Sept '04)

Saecker adds: "All of us are directors of small rural libraries who needed a way to replace our previous automation system's automated new item lists with another way of doing things..."

Ah, necessity is the mother of inventions, I alway say :)

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