Thursday, April 14, 2005

Online Sound Repositories - Freesound Project & MusicAustralia

Discovered these 2 online resources recently:

1) The Freesound Project - (via Creative Commons Blog)
Here's what the project is about, and individuals and institutions can help.

You can browse by Tags or do a search (I tried to search for "forest" and "rain"). The search capabilities (which I supposed is linked to the way the items are tagged) can be improved, 'cos "rain" returned results like "train passing by". Then I tried "water" and I got sounds of glass or something. I like the Search Filter, where you can add or remove certain words from the results, but it may not retrieve what I want.

Anyway, I'm not complaining. It seems like a great resource to me. Example, inserting the sounds of passing cars (try searching for "street") in your animation clip, or downloading to your laptop for playback at your poetry reading session.

2) MusicAustralia -
"An online information resource for Australian music... provides information on almost 140,000 Australian musical resources covering all formats, styles and genres,
both heritage and contemporary. More than 10, 000 digital resources are available, including scores, audio, pictures and theses. MusicAustralia was developed by the National Library of Australia in collaboration with the National Film and Sound Archive and with contribuitons from all state libraries, the Australian Music Centre, the Australian National University, University of Melbourne and the Australian War Memorial.

Seems very impressive. You can follow a theme, or do a search. I like how they provide (where available) the music score and the sound clip as well. I tried a search for "War" limited to "online only" and "sound" and there were 9 results, dating between 1915 to 1944.

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  1. It's time we come up with some IP free quality music from Singapore the Creative commons way ...

  2. Anonymous5:42 am

    you found 'glass' because those samples are of glasses filled with water ( ;-) )

    you found "rain" because right now it searches for parts of words ;) Which I should change tomorrow.

    - Bram @ Freesound (using google)


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