Monday, April 04, 2005

Example of a Library New Arrivals blog

I'm taking a break from writing a presentation outline to senior management. Two like-minded colleagues are working with me to build a case for blogging in NLB.

It was apt to then read Steven Cohen's blog post* (3 Apr 05) on New Library Materials picked up my earlier post on Omro PL's blog. His ends his post by writing: "That said, a blog with selected new materials (maybe 5 or 6 a day) would be interesting to see, especially if there were links to more information about the item, maybe reviews from librarians or, even better, patrons..."

That's a great idea!

It ties in very well with what I am proposing for a New Arrivals Blog -- nothing fancy. Jus a simple regular post that alerts readers to a new title, recommends related items, throws in a related enquiry or two, and links to a blogs, and technorati tags. The best part is that readers can post comments directly relating to that blog post, and probably link back to their own blog.

It may look something like this (as an example only -- fictitious librarian & email):

New Arrivals for week beginning 4th April 2005
By Tan P.K., Adult Services Librarian, JRL
NLB Call No.: BRO (under Adult Fiction section)
Click here to check for item availability.

This was just in, but it's out on loan as I send this. You could place a reservation here ($1.55 charge applies) and choose your pick-up location. As soon as your reservation queue is reached, the next item returned would be allocated to you. Hey, $1.55 is cheaper than some MRT fares!

If you wish to find out your queue number, please email me (state your NRIC or membership No.) There is no charge for cancellation of reservation if the item has not been allocated to you. [More on Reservations, from NLB online membership guide]

Perhaps this book might interest you after you've read The Da Vinci Code:
Da Vinci code: fact or fiction? : a critique of the novel by Dan Brown (c 2004)
Call No.: 808.803823 HAN
Click here for item availability and/ or to place a reservation

RELATED ENQUIRY - What are the other books written by Dan Brown?
ANS: Deception Point, Angels & Demons, Digital Fortress

Librarians: Rambling Librarian
Readers/ Bloggers: Idle Days
Click on Technorati Tags for more related blogs: ,


I'd recommend that the post has to be personal and conversational. That's the essence of blogging. Admittedly, it takes a bit of work to compose a blog post with the links. But with experience, it'll take maybe 20minutes or less. I tend to ramble, so I take a bit longer :)

Comments, ideas or suggestions? Feel free to post or email me.

* BTW, I was alerted to Steven's blog by a FilipinoLibrarian whom I got to know recently via blogging. And Steven, thanks for the mention (just so you know, Steven & I have never met or corresponded. That's the Blogosphere for you!)

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  1. Anonymous1:47 am

    Ivan, I think that's an excellent idea. I pitched something similar around the time we opened EPCL. Toyed with the idea of an 'autonomous' website, an emailer and later a blog of sorts. I created a mock-up (sans tags and links) sometime last year (, but it never got off the ground. If you ever need a hand to do reviews or anything, let me know.

  2. Thanks! I will get in touch with you.


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