Sunday, April 17, 2005

Kudos to

While I'm on the subject of compliments:

Unable to access my feeds in bloglines: I posted that I had a problem logging in to Tried unsuccessfully for hours decided to email helpdesk.

My email message to Bloglines:
Hi, I've been trying to login to my account today (16 Apr, 2005, Singapore time). I'm very sure my email account ( and password is correct. But whenever I submitted my password, I am brought back to the login page. Not sure if it's a problem with my account or with the site. Thanks!
The message was sent via the webpage. I was informed that it would take up to 2 days to get a response (now 2 days is fast already, considering they are on the WWW and serving thousands).

Bloglines replies: Message delivered to my mailbox on 17 Apr, 5:57 am (Singapore time)
Thank you for writing to Bloglines.

We are aware of the sign in problem you reported and hope to have the
issue corrected shortly. We appreciate your patience and regret any
inconvenience this may have caused.
Actually before I read the above reply, I'd already managed to login to Bloglines a few hours earlier. Bloglines acknowledged and explained what the problem was in brief in their RSS news feed. But I appreciate the email reply from Bloglines anyway.

For a while when I couldn't login, I thought I'd be kicked out of Bloglines and I'd lost all my feeds. Some bloggers are saying they'd start exporting their bloglines feeds. Well, that's good. I'd recommend that too.

But for now, it's good enough for me to just keep the bookmarks of the blogs I read as a form of backup. I can live with the occasional outage. I'd still recommend to other people considering using a web-based RSS newsreader.

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