Thursday, April 14, 2005

There's also "BookCrossing - Singapore" at yahoogroups

I'm nursing a cold and need sleep desperately, but am so excited that I've just got to post this. No less that 16 people emailed me direct or posted a comment (in my blog or at since my earlier SG Bookcrossing post.


What surprised me was that these are complete strangers and they're writing to express their support. The power of the Internet to connect people...

At least two of them alerted me to this BookCrossing - Singapore at yahoogroups. I've since signed up and asked if they have an organiser. I'll be glad to "step-down" (wonder if they give awards for 'Shortest Meetup Organiser'?) and join their activities.

Ok, my head is spinning. I need to sleep and clear my thoughts. Oh, but this is excellent development! Those interested in "Bookcrossing" please go visit their yahooogroup at

Better yet, join the group. I understand they are planning a meeting this week.

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