Sunday, April 17, 2005

Kudos to Comfort Cab & Cabbie SH6178P

Comfort Cab has certainly made my day:

My keys were missing: One day, I discovered that my keys were missing. I suspected I left them in the taxi cab, but I wasn't sure. Luckily I had the taxi receipt and was able to provide details to the Comfort Lost & Found staff.

My call was attended to promptly (the wait wasn't long at all). The lady who attended to my call took down the details. Said she would check with the driver immediately. She did, but said the driver could not be contacted at that moment. She gave me the case ID number.

Sidetrack: I was able to use their automated phone service to enquire on the status of my claim. Now that's smart thinking by Comfort Cab. When you lose something, you really feel a bit helpless. Being able to check the status of the claim put back some control to the customer and definitely eases the anxiety a bit.

Back to story: The next day, the staff called me and informed me they spoke to the driver but he did not find the keys in his cab. Although I was disappointed about not finding the keys, nonetheless I was grateful that Comfort Cab followed-up promptly. I then made plans to change lock etc.

Not end of story: A day later, to my pleasant surprise, I received a call from the Lost & Found staff. The driver found my keys afterall (they were wedged at the backseat, so the driver missed it the first time he checked). He had returned it to the comfort office.

Keys collected: I'm most appreciative to the office staff, who were very prompt, professional and friendly. The claim was fast and hassle-free. I'm also grateful to the driver (SH 6178P) for taking the effort to return the keys to the comfort office. He could've easily thrown away the keys and saved himself the trip to the office.

I emailed Comfort Cab to compliment their staff and the driver. I wrote that I'd tell others of the excellent service I've received, and hence this blog post.

Know what? I wonder if they teach students how to write compliment letters/ emails in school. Complaint letters even. The libraries receive far more compliments than complaints nowadays, but I feel the culture of complimenting others for good service isn't quite there yet... it's not just for libraries but for society in general -- but that's for another blog post.

Meantime, feel free to share your own customer-service experiences about taxi services in general here.

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  1. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Came across this post while I was looking for the Comfort Lost and Found Hotline (it is 6550 8515 by the way). To make the story short, Comfort managed to find the my keys within, wow, 15 minutes! The taxi driver will come over to my place tomorrow morning. How nice! Ok, now I have to get my own blog up and praise the Singapore system. No matter how frustrated I am, in Singapore, the sun is always brighter....

    * disclaimer, am not a patriot nor Singaporean. :) *

  2. That's great. Thanks for sharing. Good service is good service. Patriotism or nationality has nothing to to with it. :)

  3. Anonymous4:55 am

    regarding your comment about teaching students to write compliments...

    maybe i am a bad student... or maybe i just cant write very well (as you can see)...

    any tips?

    didn't expect to find a liblogarian online... found a book with missing pages and the librarian who handled it was really nice... (hmm... maybe this comment should be mirrored on the libray-book-vandalism post...)

    = )

  4. Tried to search for a book for you but seems we don't have. Will check some more and I think will try to source for relevant titles to stock in the library.

    Tips? I guess basic thing is write as if how you would like to be complimented lor :)

    OK, maybe this is more constructive:
    1) If you can, compliment the person by name, so that the other party knows who was the staff.

    2) State the specific situation or behaviour that you want to compliment. So that the other party knows what is done well, and can do again. E.g. "I was at the Comics section on 5th May, around 3pm, when your staff Mr Chew approached me..."

    3) State what or how that behaviour impacted on you (i.e. how did you feel, or act). E.g. "I felt very relieved..." or "I was pleased to know that..."

    Does this help?

  5. I had also lost my phone in a comfort cab yesterday. It was probably wedged in between the seat and the door. I discovered the loss almost a min after i'd left the cab and called the hp anxiously and it rang and rang, but as it was silent mode, the cab driver probably didn't hear the vibration over the sound of the car travelling.

    Today, when i called up, the hp was incommunicado despite bein' on full batt, so my heart sank.

    But mins later, comfort called up my home and told me that they found my phone! Despite me not having a receipt or knowing the cab driver's name or cab number! :D

    their online reporting system doesn't work, unlike if you call personally. But thanks so much Comfort! That phone costs $400 2nd hand! :P

  6. Hi Lennel, thanks for sharing. The cabbie could've kept the phone for him or herself. But didn't :)


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