Friday, April 08, 2005

NLB to spearhead a National School Library Week?

Read this from the official blog of the Public Library Association (PLA):
"Libraries all over the country will be celebrating National Library Week April 10-16, and we'd like to highlight the week's festivities at your public library here on the PLA Blog..."

Worth checking out the blog. Better yet, subscribe to its newsfeed (for more info on how to do this, click here. I recommend Bloglines).

The ALA page has more details on the event. There's also a 3-page word document that's downloadable, on ideas for programmes and activities.

It would be logical for NLB to organise one in Singapore. Of course the downside is that people might see it as yet another campaign. Singaporeans like to complain that we suffer from National Campaigns fatigue. Still, it seems pretty feasible, if you ask me. NLB could play the role of what ALA is doing, i.e. facilitating other libraries (like schools or private organisations) to promote library usage among their clients and target users.

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