Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Habitatnews: Natural history news for the busy Singaporean

About a week ago, a certain N. Sivasothi emailed me to ask if he could put up the Legend of Bukit Merah pictures (the ones posted in an earlier blog post) in his Habitatnews blog/ e-zine. I checked out his blog and replied "yes" right away.

Siva has a story on why he's using a blog for Habitatnews. He'd "entertained thoughts of abandoning" the newsletter and website before he discovered blogging.

I'm glad he didn't. I found Habitatnews to be a great resource for "busy Singaporeans" for snippets on our natural history and heritage. Give it a try by subscribing via RSS. I'm not just saying this because Siva is helping me promote Bukit Merah Community Library -- honest!

I asked Siva for a short write-up on Habitatnews. Here's the highlights:
Habitatnews features news on nature and the environment in Singapore and covers events, talks, photos, reports, articles, books and issues. It is written and edited by N. Sivasothi, research officer at the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, National University of Singapore. Content is supported by field and literature research and collaboration with other
volunteer contributors.
For brevity, I've left out other interesting details about Habitatnews and the work they do. Siva, if you're reading this, how about posting a detailed "History of Habitatnews" in your blog? :)

A colleague of mine, Tim, tipped me off that the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research has it's roots from the Raffles Museum (founded in 1849). And did you know that the National Library of Singapore also has it's roots from Raffles Museum? We're like family here :)

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