Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Legend of Bukit Merah (or How Redhill got its name): Part 1

As part of BMCL reopening, my colleagues, Ivy & Hafsah, suggested that we present the story of how "Redhill" got it's name in the comic artform. It was a brilliant idea to present an old story using a fresh approach. However, we were unable to get volunteers or freelance artists to do the comic panels for us, so I did the next best thing -- I did it myself! Took me 3 weeks' to complete it 'cos I was doing it on my own time after work, and I'm feeling pretty damn proud of how they turned out. As of this post, the A3-sized panels are being exhibited at BMCL. I've posted the smaller images below.

In presenting the story of how Bukit Merah ("Redhill") got its name, we chose the 'comic' art form to show that stories can be conveyed in different ways. We have deliberately left out the words so that you, the reader, can make up your own story from the pictures. Libraries have a strong association with storytelling and folktales, or more precisely, the communication of ideas and thoughts through words, sounds, and pictures. Thank you for supporting the library and continuing this tradition.


The following resources were consulted in creating the comic panels:
  • Bukit Merah: From a hilly kampong to a modern town. Call No.: SING 959.57 BUK -[HIS]
  • Myths & Legends: Bukit Merah - Last accessed: 1 Feb 2005
  • How to draw and sell comic strips for newspapers and comic books!/ Alan McKenzie. Call No.: 741.5 MAC -[ART]
  • Teach yourself visually Photoshop Elements 2/ Mike Wooldridge. Call No.: 006.6869 WOO -[COM]

More related books on myths and legends of Singapore:
  • Singapore Folktales/ Pugalenthi Sr. Call No.: SING 398.2095957 PUG
  • Myths and Legends of Singapore/ Pugalenthii. Call No.: J SING 398.2
  • Legendary Tales of Singapore/ Catherine G S Lim. Call No.: Y SING 398.2095957 LEG
  • Tales from the Islands of Singapore/ Ron Chandran-Dudley. Call No.: Y SING 398.2095957 CHA
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