Saturday, April 09, 2005

Books on Open Source, LINUX etc

On the second day of Bukit Merah Community Library's re-opening, a customer asked me -- half in jest -- if NLB was paid by Microsoft to boycott books on Open Source. I laughed and said no.

He said there were few books on Open Source and LINUX while majority were Microsoft-related. He's right, but not because our public library has any bias. Generally speaking, the collection reflect the demand from customers and it's not surprising that most readers who go for Computer & IT books are Microsoft users. Anyway, I took his point and yes, Open Source will be something that readers would find of increasing relevance.

James Seng was helpful in recommending a few publications. Glad to say they are in some our libraries already (under "Computers & IT").

Linux Journal
Refer to the Magazines section (under "L")
Check for item availability here.

The Cathedral and the bazaar: Musings on Linux and Open Source by an accidental revolutionary/ Eric S. Raymond
Call No.: 005.1 RAY [COM]
Check for item availability here.

Free as in freedom: Richard Stallman's crusade for free software/ Sam Williams
Call No.: 005.12092 WIL [COM]
Check for item availability here.

Understanding Open Source Software development/ Joseph Feller
Call No.: 005.1 FEL [COM]
Check for item availability here.

If you think there can be more of the same titles in other libraries, or if you have other titles to suggest, feel free to post your suggestions here.

BTW, do comment on why you think they are suitable -- the library does review and evaluate the books before acquiring them but it doesn't hurt to have actual users tell us a bit more, 'cos you folks are likely to know better.

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  1. Check out Open Books Project. If you can't buy the books, you can at least tell your clients that they're available for free online.

    Filipino Librarian


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