Sunday, February 15, 2009

FAQs - "About Being a Librarian"

OK, so this isn't really a FAQ.

Since I started this blog in 2004, I've received various "being a librarian" type of questions ranging from career opportunities to whether they'd be suitable for a career in librarianship.

This post is more of a compilation of posts from this blog. It isn't intended to provided comprehensive answers. I hope it'll be useful in shedding more light about what "being a librarian" entails.
Disclaimer: I am NOT the only public service librarian around. What I do is NOT the definitive Public Librarian job scope. I do NOT blog everything about what I do as a public service librarian (which means there's a whole lot more about public libraries that I've not blogged about here).

Questions about becoming a librarian (2005, Sept):
  • Part 1 - A rambling introduction
  • Part 2 - What does a librarian do?
  • Part 3 - How does one become a librarian?
  • Part 4 - What makes a good (public service) librarian?
  • Part 5 - Why do people choose to become librarians?
  • Part 6 - [you probably can skip this: "Why I decided to work for a library instead of a bookstore company"]
  • Part 7 - Why do people remain as a Librarians?

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Other references:
PDF Brochure: Be A Librarian - Library Association of Singapore (undated)

Feel free to post your questions at the Librarians-In-Singapore discussion group (more about the group, here).

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