Monday, February 11, 2008

YO! a blog by the librarians & volunteers from the Young People’s Services (Public Library)

This is the 5th blog from the public library services (NLB), simply called Y.O!:
Teen Signature Online - Online chat programme for teens Part I ¦ Y.O!
Blog URL -

According to this post, Y.O! stands for "nothing and yet everything".

There's an interesting story in how the name came to be, and how the blog design was chosen.

The blog was launched in December 2007. I'm happy to say they have "recruited" two regular teen contributors to the blog: Kathleen Tan from Temasek Junior College (her book reviews are pretty neat) and Sarah (who chose to contribute in a different way).

The Y.O! blog will feature things like stories from young people, book reviews (it's a library blog after all), the happenings from the teens bookclub, and a "library gossip" section.

The blog is really About Teens.

It's not about books, or getting teens to write reviews, or simple to recommend books to other teens (those will be nice and necessary, but not the entire point of the blog).

The simplest way to put it would be for the blog to acknowledge the individuality of young people (OK, maybe not so simple!)

As the blog progresses, we hope there'll be more posts from teens themselves. Not just book reviews or recommendations, but stuff that interests them, particularly if there's a learning element (which most things are bound to have, if you know where to look).

I'll be mentioning this blog at my USF talk.

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