Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Speaking at USF (Part 6): Social Media & Singapore Public Libraries

[From Part 5]

Part of my talk will cover how the Public Libraries in Singapore are using new media* to target Children, Teens, Adults and Senior Adults.

I'll share why we started these blogs, some concerns at the initial stage (and whether they were realised), how we managed and maintained them, how these blogs complement what the physical libraries do, and the learning points we've gathered so far:
Alot of what I'll be sharing has to do with blogs. I'll see if anyone in the audience picks that up. Maybe during Q&A someone will ask if public libraries have gone into Facebook, Second Life, Twitter, Flickr etc.

ASIDE: My friend Siva the Otterman (with a swanky new blog) says I've been fretting over the talk. Yes, I tend to do that. But apparently so does Siva!

* In Singapore, we tend to use the terms "New Media" and "Social Software/ Media" interchangeably.

Next, Part 7 (I'll probably be in SF by then).

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