Sunday, June 24, 2007

SecondLife Singapore Meetup (I've stopped counting how many)

Received the email notification for a SecondLife Singapore meetup in Lion City. I was about an hour late but decided to drop by anyway. But first I had to download and install yet another version of SL...

I managed to find them over at what appears to be a sound stage. Very, very nice build!
SL Singapore Meetup 24 June  2007

A whole bunch of them rezzed into view. Most were seated at the front of the stage.
SL Singapore Meetup 24 June  2007

I sat myself on the right of the stage (incidentally, turned out that the avatar next to me belonged to a Information Management student from Temasek Poly; she's part of the last batch of students for the course, as the course was being withdrawn).
SL Singapore Meetup 24 June  2007

Alvin, the host of the meetup (owner of Lion City, and organiser of SL Singapore), was asking people to introduce themselves. I worked the camera view to peer from where Alvin was standing.
SL Singapore Meetup 24 June 2007

Out of curiosity, I searched for "Singapore" under the groups in SL. The number of groups have exploded since Lion City was created. The National University of Singapore has a group too. There were two groups setup by marketing agencies (hmm... very interesting). Oh, a group into "BDSM" -- well you get all kinds.

The SL Singapore group itself has 420 members (it may not be indicative of actual number of active SL users but it's a respectable number from the days when there were only two or three members in the list).
screenshot - Singapore Groups in SL

The meetup had almost ended by then. I was about to log off when Australian Liblogarian & SecondLifer Kathryn Greenhill IMed me in SL. I offered her a teleport to Lion City. We ended up chatting in a drain. Kevin (standing over us) wondered aloud why librarians like to chat in drains, LOL
Meeting Kathryn Greenhill, in a drain!

At first I mistook Kathryn for Maeve, an Australian librarian who left this comment in an earlier post. Then I remembered Kathryn's avatar, from this post.

Kevin (who didn't know about the SL Singapore meetup until I IMed him at the closing minutes) ended up chatting with Kathryn about education in SL.
Meeting Kevin and Kathryn in SL
Which led to Kathryn sharing this Youtube video about Murdoch University Library in SL. Kevin commented that Kathryn had a beautiful voice. That made me check out the video immediately. Kevin's right!

This was the first time I've "met" Kathryn, and it was in SL. Reading Kathryn's blog, it's clear she's an advocate of librarians experimenting with new media and technology (see: Ten very good reasons why your librarians should be in Second Life). But not blindly (see: Six very bad reasons to have a library branch in Second Life).

I hope Alvin would be blogging about the meetup at the Second Life Singapore blog. I'd love to know what they discussed.

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