Sunday, March 04, 2007

Flying Librarians of Oz

What a catchy title -- "Flying Librarians of Oz: What’s all the fuss about Second Life and what’s it got to do with libraries?"

Check out Kathryn's slides. Read her blog post here.

Slide 16 outlines "what libraries do in Second Life"; Slide 17 addresses the all-important question of "Who Pays?"; Slide 18 outlines the libraries that have started offering their services in Second Life.

I'm curious what sort of responses Kathryn received from her audience. Did any manage to answer "what the fuss was about"? :)

Personally, I feel there shouldn't be any fuss. All in a day's work of librarians proactively exploring the possibilities, with the aim of enhancing their services to customers and remaining relevant in the road ahead.


  1. Hi Ivan. Half the audience were library staff, the other half were general public. Having done the talk twice now, I think that if people have never seen SL before their minds are boggled at what is described. They seem to be in a bit of a state of shock.

    Most people were very receptive and curious and really seemed to get into the fun spirit. I had some questions afterward that showed people were thinking about how SL related to their work like "How would you archive this?", "What about disabled access?"

  2. "State of shock". LOL, Kathryn. Sounds like a good title for a library conference on related terminologies! (There's one called State of Play, so why not State of Shock?)


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