Saturday, June 16, 2007

mrbrown joins 10,000 Fathers Reading

From mrbrown's contribution to the event blog:
Reading to the kids is something my wife is better at but I am betterat the sound effects and funny faces.

We’ve always believed in inculcating a love of reading to the kids. We both grew up loving to read too.
See also: mrbrown's post at his blog.

I told a few friends about the 10,000 Fathers Reading event. One of them emailed me: "If my dad hadn't drowned me with books, I don't think I would've loved reading as I do now."

She added that her dad used to bring her to one of the public library on his scooter every 3rd Saturday morning.

Parent's influence is so very important. And the kids will know it too, when they are older.

The event is tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Sometimes I think our gahmen makes too much of a small thing. Reading to your children, having dinner as a family, having babies .. such basic things also need to promote meh?

    No wonder some Sporeans talk as if they are doing society a big favour by getting married and having children. And some housewives want to measure how much they are contributing in terms of $$.

  2. I can't say for other campaigns. But when it comes to reading-related promotions, I'm all for it. Besides, we can choose to accept or decline the message that is being promoted.

    As for how people choose to interpret the message (e.g. they think they are doing society a favour etc) that's really their interpretation. Doesn't negate the original intent, if you ask me.

  3. I didn't follow the 10,000 campaign. But I think the aim was not so much to promote reading as to remind fathers to do job.

  4. I think that this is an excellent idea and something which we all should be doing as fathers. Whenever I can, I read to my son too, complete with sound effects, different voices and emotions. My wife of course does it too (and more meticulously than I).

    The unfortunate thing is that more and more Singaporean parents neglect reading to their kids, choosing instead to plonk them in front of the television sets at night. This is why I chose not to get a television set for my home when we got married about 5 years ago. We definitely don't miss the TV in our household.


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