Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bernard Leong, on Two Medias

Bernard Leong posts this article about the Two Medias. He reflects and observes on some events and issues that spanned the past two years or so, that involved the "clash" of the 'new' and 'traditional media'.

It made me revisit some of the more notable posts/ events that were significant to me:

Bernard believes that (1) an informal mechanism of criticism and feedback would be established between the New Media and the Mainstream Media, (2) controversy would be unsustainable in new media, and (3) the rise of "Specialist Bloggers" in the SG media landscape. He concludes that the future relationship between the two medias would be a balance that has positive and optimistic outcomes.

I've no doubt there would be a balance between the "two medias". The question is really 'when' (I made a similar point in this iChat conversation with Kevin and Brennan in October last year).

If you understand the concept of economic equilibrium, then it's easy to view the relationship of the New Media and the Mainstream Media as one influenced by price, demand and supply, with "News and Information" as the commodity.

And as in economics, what's less easy is to be able to predict and determine how much influence one variable has over the other.


  1. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for the heads up. Interesting on the day of my article independently, ST published a report on citizen journalism which turned out to be a propaganda machine for STOMP. It will take some time that the mainstream media understand the need to recognize the citizen journalists in the Singapore blogosphere for their work.

  2. I think there needs to be an understanding that it isn't necessarily always about "Us" versus "Them". Unfortunately, the truth is that much of Singapore's blogosphere is really about light-hearted tales, political commentary and online diaries as opposed to objective reporting. Can we really claim that citizen journalism in Singapore has taken off? Perhaps in the near future. However, for now, it is still some way to go before our blogs can reach that level of maturity, objectivity and of course writing style to woo the masses.


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