Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yeah, the iPhone is sexy is it what I need?

Almost very blogger I've subscribed is talking about the recently announced Apple iPhone. OK, not quite. Perhaps it's more accurate to say "every blogger I've subscribed, and who happen to be Mac enthusiasts". Those who have not, I'm expecting them to do so very soon.

Those I've read so far are either cursing Apple and/ or lamenting about their existing gadgets.

Take these bloggers for instance: Euan Semple says his Nokia N70 now looks like a dog's behind; Kevin is seeking takers for his stuff; TinkerTailor simply damns Apple to heck. LOL

I can understand why the reactions. As usual, Apple has done magic in getting its sales pitch across. Apple's strategy is a tried and tested one -- (1) get the rumors out; (2) show a demo to let the drooling begin in earnest; (3) make sure the droolers customers continue to wait for the product, thereby increasing the drool factor.

The iPhone is sexy, no doubt about that. My reaction to it was lukewarm though. Perhaps it's because I'm specific on what I want from a mobile device. I don't really want my phone to listen to music or browse the web (I've tried a Blackberry and decided it's not for me in the end). I really need good Calendaring and Memo features first and foremost (I'd blogged about seeking a replacement for my current PDA and phone -- both separate devices).

Maybe I'd be more enthusiastic if I'm advised otherwise about the Calendaring and Memo features (which is partly why I'm blogging it here).

But I suspect the more I follow the iPhone related blog posts, the more I hear from the enthusiasts, I'm going to be influenced more and more. That's how I crossed over in the first place.

That, and plus I'm a guy. There's something innately attractive about Hardware for men (because we're insecure?). Just look at how much hardware these nine guys carry out for a lunch meeting.

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