Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ms. Dewey Search Engine

Ms Dewey Intro - LoadingThis has been kept in my Draft folder for quite some time. Came across this search engine called Ms. Dewey (www.msdewey.com) - [via Feral Library Tales].

I bet the library webpage would get a heck of a lot more hits if we had something like that!

"Ms. Dewey" is a subtle reference to Mevil Dewey, the man who invented the Dewey Decimal Classification System.

To be honest, the only thing that might make me go back to Ms. Dewey are the Flash introductions (and to watch Ms. Dewey's antics again).

The search results aren't particularly outstanding (let's face it, Google is hard to beat) and the search display is too small for my liking.
Ms Dewey Intro - Search Results

The Ms. Dewey character, on the other hand, is funny. Her antics are a lot more interesting (and distracting). Once the page has finished loading and you don't do anything, watch what Ms. Dewey does. Also, if you exit the page and reload again, you'll get a different introduction. I think there's about five different animated introductions.
Ms Dewey Intro - Bike

Ms Dewey Intro - Space Walk

This is my favourite. Ms. Dewey's sharpening a mean looking hunting knife! I dare you to approach that librarian on counter! Any suggestions for what Ms. Dewey could possibly be saying in this scenario? Knock yourselves out -- leave your comments, LOL.
Ms Dewey Intro - Sharpens a knife


  1. Anonymous4:31 am

    Ask her to take off here clothes. Three times. Hehe

  2. Anonymous11:29 pm

    She's a distraction which gets irritating and then you forgot to search for... porn?


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