Monday, January 01, 2007

First podcast for 2007: "Walk On Air"

I didn't deliberately set out to compose a song for 2007. I started recording this on 30th Dec 2006 and at one point I must have thought, "It would be great to start 2007 with a song".

So here it is:
- 64kb.mp3 file (2.8MB)
- 128kb.mp3 file (5.7MB)

walking on air
a state of extreme happiness

I hope you enjoy this song. The world isn't a perfect place. But that should not stop us from seeking happiness, however we define it. May we all "walk on air" in 2007.

Details of "how it's done" at MyRightBrain.

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  1. starts and ends well. meanders a little in the middle, with the bridge slightly overdone i thought. can't wait to see the VIDEO! wahahaa...!!


  2. Hang on to your towel, Towelboy! LOL. Yeah, music video is coming. Thanks for comments re: the song. Now that you mentioned it, yes the bridge could have been tighter. In fact, the whole song would be tighter. I was experimenting with a non-standard rock arrangement.

  3. Anonymous7:13 am

    I really liked it. Nice and easy going, relaxing yet intriguing. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Hi Ivan, in case you have yet to receive my email, yes, you may use the photos that you have requested for. :)

    Good effort. Writing music that enhances our quality of life can be a challenge.

    I shalln't offer my comments on your work, I am quite a biased listener (preferring classical music). Anyway, your work sounds nice.

  5. Thanks for listening. And even more so, for leaving your comments. BTW, I'm very much open to criticisms about the music, so no worries :)


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