Thursday, January 04, 2007

Some new govenment agency-related blogs in Singapore

While blogging this post, I went over to NPark's website and noticed that they've launched two blogs (listed as "Gardening Blogs"). One's called Garden Voices and the other's called Young Gardeners.

From the Garden Voices About Page:
Garden Voices blog
Garden Voices is an online platform for anyone and everyone who is interested in gardening to:
  • Rant and rave your stories on rolling up your sleeves and getting muddy at gardening, share gardening-related experiences, tips on gardening, express your love for nature, etc
  • Be updated with the latest on gardening by the community at large
  • Learn how you can further enjoy and appreciate gardening and the nature around you
  • Get to know an entire pool of gardening enthusiasts
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And this is from the Young Gardener's blog:
Young Gardeners Blog
Young Gardeners is for teens to:
  • Share your gardening-related experiences with classmates, friends, families, anyone and everyone!
  • Learn that rolling up your sleeves and getting muddy isn’t boring or just for older folks. We want to show you gardening can be fun for young people too!
  • Introduce their very own findings and interesting things to do with gardening
  • Allow other fellow teens to bring gardening a step closer to you
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Which reminds me -- the Health Promotion Board (HPB) recently launched a blog targeting at youths, called Youth Advolution for Health.
Youth Advolution for Health
From their About Page:
The Youth Advolution for Health (YAH) programme is a new initiative for youths to be involved in health promotion for their peers.

The word "advolution" is coined from the words "Advocate" and "Revolution". We hope that youths in this programme would serve as advocates for a healthy lifestyle among their peers and be inspired to come up with revolutionary and creative methods of promoting health among youths.

The programme is the first in Singapore that seeks to tap on the influence of peer-led projects to bring about positive changes in the youths' intentions and behaviors on health issues. There are various health issues that students can explore to work on as advocates of a healthy lifestyle.
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Here's a list of publicly accessible government agency-related blogs, listed in the order as they were launched (as far as I can recall):

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