Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Life Long Learning in Second Life - Building my first guitar

I ventured into Second Life (SL) to learn more about the SL Library, and lately I've been learning more about the social interactions, it's 'economy' and also about myself, heh. I'll elaborate on all that in future posts. For now, just to share this 13 minute video recorded and edited by Kevin on my attempt at building a guitar.

Gotta give it to Kevin -- video editing is already not easy, not to mention having to grapple with the mouse-controls in SL in the first place. He's also incorporated this song I posted earlier. The documentary looks great! How's that for an online tutorial, eh? So many possibilities for education and learning...

My SL guitar-contruction skill is no where near the sophistication as this one, but I'm aiming to get there. As to WHY I'm building a guitar in SL... well, it's a combination of many reasons. I think the simplest is "Why Not?" :)

Seriously though, the signs are there, at least to me. Real Life (RL) organisations and companies are establishing their presence in SL. Two days ago, I heard the 938LIVE radio DJ mention Susanne Vega's "Live" performance in Second Life. Recently I discovered this Second Life Researcher's mailing list.

Oh, just to give you a teaser -- I've even started selling stuff in SL (or at least attempt to, thanks to another SLifer). Let me check with my "SL Business Partner" how much she's willing to reveal about her store. Thanks to Kevin for this picture of my SL Avatar doing a yoga pose, floating above the guitars I made. Oh, you might find the paintings in the background familiar too.

P.S. Oh yeah, in SL, Kevin can be taller than me, LOL.

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  1. Kudos Ivan! As usual, you've added a lot of salient points / links. :)

  2. Anonymous7:05 am

    Very interesting, Ivan! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your experiences in SL. I'm quite interested in what people do there!

  3. yo, thanks for the guitar the other day, looking good and you're indeed a fast learner!

    does it has a guitar playing animation in there yet? i can help you with that if you want.. :D

  4. Look up Nobody Fugazi sometime. Lots of education related stuff you might be interested in, just IM.


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