Thursday, October 05, 2006

High Browse Online's first podcast: Sam - A mother's journey of faith

This is significant for three reasons, in my opinion:
1) It's NLB first foray into podcasting (not quite a podcast yet, 'cos it doesn't have its dedicated RSS feed, but it's a first step);
2) It's a book written by the Chairman of NLB, Ms. Lim Soo Hoon;
3) Her poignant reading of an excerpt.

My colleague made an audio recording of Ms. Lim reading an excerpt from her book. Listen to the audio here. Here's the interview.

NLB doesn't have the equipment for editing, so I used my Mac to do some minor editing and added a background piano track (using GarageBand factory loops).

Ms. Lim Soo Hoon is the Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Public Service Division but that's just incidental, if you ask me. What's significant is her book -- which is an account of her experience as a mother, as she accompanied her 14 year-old son throughout his battle with Hodgkin’s disease.

When I first heard the raw audio, I could hear the emotion in her voice. I thought to myself, this wasn't NLB's Chairman or the Perm Sec of PSD. This was a mother's voice, pure and simple.

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