Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Winning entries from the NLB Stop Vandalism Drawing/ Comics Competition 2005

Show me a public library whose materials are never vandalised and I'll start looking for flying pigs... point being that all public libraries would have their fair share of vandalised materials (as opposed to normal wear and tear).

As part of raising public awareness on this issue, the NLB organised a Stop Vandalism Drawing/ Comics Competition. The contest was open to children, teens and adults.

The winning entries are here (or try this link in case the page has moved). Click on the images to view in larger size. Might some of the winners be your niece or nephews?

I was part of the judging committee and had the following observations as I went through the entries:
  • The younger the participants, the greater their tendency to see things in "black" or "white", i.e. Good Vs Bad, like this one.
  • Some kids protrayed the library as having many rules, mostly Negatives or Do Nots, like this example and this one -- hmm, is this the message we are sending the kids? Or maybe the parents are nudging them in that direction.
  • Some chose to personify the library materials, perhaps to appeal at the emotional level of would-be vandals, like this. Well, I'm not sure if it works for vandals who typically don't see beyond themselves.
  • The entries that presented the message better were those what didn't preach, but tried to offer a different perspective of the consequence of vandalism, i.e. that vandalism affects others as well. Like this entry and this one.
  • There were those who used humour, or maybe thinly disguised sarcasm, like this.
  • Finally, THIS ONE is my favourite! Very subtle. I mean, who doesn't know Mickey Mouse, Snow White and Pinocchio? And just look at one of the seven dwarfs sitting at Snow White's feet? No wonder he's grumpy!
    The winning entries are on display at Woodlands Regional Library from 27 April – 7 May 2005.

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    1. Good stuff... of all of them, I kinda like the first one with crayons... in terms of the aesthetics sense.

    2. Anonymous9:55 am

      Many of the entries were terrible.
      Lots of broken English.
      I hope they don't display the works with grammatical errors and misspellings.
      Only a few were good - like that one with the broken tap. Good artwork and text.


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