Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kevin Lim: Social Media - Strategy over Tools

Nice set of slides from Kevin Lim. He was invited again ("back by popular demand"!) to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Buffalo/ Niagara Chapter.

While it would have been better to hear him speak in person, his slides were self-explanatory to me. Nice quotes and images from various sources.

Slides 19 to 24 seems to sum up the essence of Kevin's talk: Strategy first, then decide on the (social media) Tools.

Kevin's presentation made me search for examples of communication and engagement strategies using social media tools. Here's what I found to be relevant ones:

Which leads me to think about libraries.

I wonder: Are there any info or poll out there that reveals what librarians and non-librarians consider as identifiable (nevermind successful or not) social media strategies by libraries?


  1. “Good article, and how's this to make it better…?”

    You shd give a summary of Kevin's presentation so that your reader gets the gist of what his presentation is all about without having to go through all his slides unless he wants to go more indepth.

  2. Hi Chun See, LOL! Thanks for saying what you mean. Actually, I wanted readers to go through his presentation! :) Besides, I couldn't provide a summary because it would just be repeating his slides. I might have provided a summary if I had been at his talk.


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