Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My 2008 discography

Ahem. Shameless plug:

Here's a list of my songs published in 2008 (earliest to latest):
  1. Birthday Song - Library@Orchard (inspired by Jeremy)
  2. Weight of an Empty Page (inspired by prose from Regina)
  3. Surfing on Solar Winds
  4. Wanna Be With You
  5. Here And Now
  6. We Are (with Chris Ismael)
  7. Summer Days, Winter Nights (with Firdaus)
  8. If You Were A Dance
  9. Have I Told You Lately (Sweet Dreams)
  10. Walking On Air 2008 - with Friends from Songcraft
  11. Have I Told You Lately - II
  12. Friendship On The Runway (lyrics from Shamantha, used with permission)
  13. Jacobean Tragedy (Acoustic)
  14. One World (Paralypic Games edit)
  15. Music Video: ONE WORLD (2008) | earlier version
  16. A Quiet Afternoon (with Adrian Loo)
  17. Rainy Days (with Adrian Loo)
  18. Genetic (re)Mix (with Adrian Loo)
  19. Firefly (with Adrian Loo)
  20. Two Ladies (with Adrian Loo)
  21. Twilight (2008 )
  22. I Wonder (2008 )
  23. The Hill (2008 )
  24. Slipping Underneath The Water (a CCmixter remix, featuring Kaer Trouz and oldDog)
Plus this album published with my band buddy, Adrian Loo.
2009 One World One Moment

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