Friday, May 16, 2008

Silver in SF: Faculty Innovation Award

Congratulations, David!

[David Silver gets the CIT Technology Award at the University of San Francisco]
Blog post
YouTube video

There was some mention of his work with the Spring 2008 Davies Forum. I'm sure that was one reason for him winning the award.

Nice guy, that David Silver.


  1. hi ivan......david silver is a good guy, and how neat that he won that award.
    i continue to enjoy reading your blog now and then.

  2. pretty sweet award, vid, and guy (i'm allowed to say that!). :)

    hip hip hooray!

  3. hee hee, fun video, eh? it's so strange - and nice - to have that moment captured in time.

    it's very appropriate for you, ivan, to post this video since a lot of my understanding of digital literacy comes from you.


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