Monday, May 26, 2008

Resource: Screenshots on "Creating blogs with" + "Selected Tips"

Published these posts over at BlogCourseDemo in preparation for two blog-related workshops that I've been asked to conduct this week:
Blogger: Create your Blog Now -- FREEBlogger: Choose a templateBlogger: My demo blog - Basic SettingsBlogger: Dashboard

One course will be on the 28th, for Primary school students (as a follow-up from last year). This year, we've made sure they'll get to create blogs, and learn things like creating links, commenting, and the basics of managing their blogs.

There will be two classes of 30 students each. My challenge will be to ensure all of them get to create and post stuff in their blogs without a hitch. There's always an element of uncertainty when it comes to "live" workshops.

The other workshop is for teachers attending the NLB/ MOE School Library Symposium on 30 May. It's structured specifically for teachers interested in using blogs and social media tools in the context of libraries.

I'll blog about the outcome of the sessions later.
[Post-workshop reflections: Introduction to Blogging workshop for 10-year olds, 28 May 2008]

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