Sunday, May 20, 2007

Singapore celebrates International Museum Day 2007: May 18th to 27th

International Museum Day 2007 (IMD'07) was launched on Friday, 18 May 2007. The IMD has been celebrated all over the world since 1977.

The National Heritage Board IMD'07 website has more details on the various events across 24 museums, from 18th to 27th May. Basically, through IMD'07, NHB hopes to make heritage and culture more accessible to everybody:
screenshot - International Museum Day 2007.jpg

Nice to see at least one museum has organised its events to cater to people with disabilities:
screenshot - Special Guided Tours for the Disabled MALAY HERITAGE CENTRE.jpg

Something new I learned from the IMD'07 website -- Singapore Collections Online:
screenshot - Singapore Collections Online

The search feature only covers objects from the Asian Civilisation Museum, the National Museum of Singapore, and the Singapore Art Musem -- though the homepage of says, "From time to time, you can view and appreciate the digital collections of other non-NHB museums in SGCOOL. Over time, we will also be releasing more artefact and artwork images from our own collections periodically."
SGcool Search

Walter (aka Cool Insider), who works for NHB, shares more on the various activities for IMD'07.

They even have a twitter page for IMD'07! I believe most Singaporeans aren't aware of, so efforts to publicise events via Twitter would be limited. At least I'm speaking for myself -- I have a Twitter account but am an infrequent reader/ user.

Btw, I used to think there were only four or five museums in Singapore. Did you know there are at 43 museums right now? See the Museum Roundtable website.


  1. Thanks for the plug brother! Hope that you can find time to go for at least one or two of the activities for a cultural experience with a difference.


  2. Very useful information, I will visit at least one museum.

  3. The Minister mentioned 45 members at the launch, its getting hard to keep up.

  4. thanks! i almost forgot abt museum day!

  5. There are 45 MR members now Ivan. Anyway, thanks for this entry. :)


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