Sunday, May 27, 2007

Podcast: Home Again (2007)

My brother and I did this. Our first ever music mash-up. It was all unplanned. He'd just come back from a nine-month stint in Hong Kong. He dropped my place to have dinner with my wife and I a few weeks ago. We had time to spare. I showed him how GarageBand works. He did an impromptu recording of a simple "C#m/ A/ E" rhythm. We played back and jammed along (one player at a time). Entirely unrehearsed. Very raw stuff.

Over the last few weeks, I took what we'd recorded earlier (no additional recordings) and did a little GarageBand magic -- edited out the unwanted/ misplayed notes; exercised my amateur-level musical arrangement and sound engineering skills.

This is for you, brother. Welcome home.

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I've uploaded the basic rhythm and drum track, without the melody, here (3.1MB). Will post a tutorial on how the song went from the basic track to the finished one, later. [UPDATE 9 June 1007: Posted the "How it was done" at MyRightBrain]

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  1. Nice piece there bro. It is kind of your usual trademark style which is kind of a laidback riff with a slight indie attitude. Keep it up!


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