Saturday, May 12, 2007

Podcast: Sea Biscuit Redux - Tears Came To My Eye (2007)

For some reason, Kevin and Siva decided to revisit my earlier "Sea Biscuit" radio interview. Kevin and cut an excerpt from the original MP3 recording, where I’d said “tears came to my eye”. He emailed me that 2-second clip and wrote in his email, "Download this as a ring-tone!"

Well, that gave me an idedea. I wanted to see if I could make a piece of music out of it. So I downloaded the original radio interview, spliced and diced the track, and here it is:

powered by ODEO
[MP3 file can be downloaded at]

Maybe I'll call it this a "Librarian's Book Recommendation with Bells and Whistles". Anyway this sounds much better than the original interview, after editing out my irritating "ums" and "errs".

Also blogged at MyRightBrain.

UPDATED 14 Feb 08: Thanks to Kenneth for reminding me of the RSI interview.


  1. Ivan, that rocked! =)

    I'm might consider using it as my ringtone!

  2. Arggghhhh!

    But seriously, that was fun!!!

  3. Go read the book. I guarantee it's better than this 35 seconds :)


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