Monday, August 14, 2006

Animusic - Pipe Dream

You have got to give the creators of this credit for sheer imagination!

Learnt about this via JOHO the Blog. Went over the Google Video, watched 10 secs of it and the smile on my face remained till the end of the video. Here's the blurb from Google Video itself:
From the fist Animusic DVD. Pipe Dream has been voted one of the best 3D animation projects ever (by 3D World magazine).

Metal balls fly out of PVC pipes, land on percussion and string instruments, and sound out an instrumental piece of music.

[Click on the 'Play' button above, or watch at Google Video]

There's also another video titled "Starship Groove" but I not as amazing as "Pipe Dream".

[Click on the 'Play' button above, or watch at Google Video]

Lots of people blogging about it already -- see Technorati Tag:


  1. I watched this when they were screening the series at Haus Der Musik, a museum/gallery space in Vienna dedicated to music and sound. I looked around for a DVD I could buy to donate to NLB, but they didn't have one. Someone should try ordering it from It's really great.

  2. interesting post!

    We are also screening Animusic this November at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. (Texas)

  3. Wrkshy, I'll check with EPCL folks.

    Luisa, nice of you to drop by, all the way from Texas, heh. Will you have pictures of your event? If you blog about your event or post to Flickr etc., do let me know. I'd love to blog about it. Rgds & good luck with the event.

  4. Anonymous6:00 am

    Here are a couple clips from the 2nd Animusic DVD...also quite impressive...



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