Sunday, January 03, 2010

My 2010 "present" for the world: Crystal Tears and the Dream Nebula

The title of this post might sound overly dramatic. But I really mean it as such.

Each time I use a Creative Commons licensed material, I consider myself as having received a gift.

In return, by releasing my work under a CC license, it's my way of giving back.

Here's my 4th Creative Commons music project. This one was a year-long project with my band buddy, Adrian.

The individual tracks, or the entire album, can be downloaded from: | | More details at the band blog.

Album cover preview: "Crystal Tears and the Dream Nebulae"
*NOTE: Please credit Track 06 "Goodnight Not Goodbye v2.2." to:

Creative Commons License2010 Crystal Tears and the Dream Nebula by Starfish Stories : The Band is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Singapore License. As long as you ATTRIBUTE the music by stating this: "Starfish Stories :: The Band -"* in your audio, video, website, printed materials etc., you are FREE to USE, COPY, SHARE, MODIFY, or SELL (yes sell!) any of the songs from this album. In case we weren't quite clear on the above, try reading this! :)

Enjoy, world.


  1. Debbie10:56 pm

    Hello Mr Rambling Librarian,

    What gifts would you like to receive, not as you, but as a librarian?

  2. "World peace".

    If that's too idealistic, then "Better informed readers".

    Really. :)


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