Thursday, April 30, 2009

QQ*librarian shares her "What is Britannica?" story

Here's the lastest QQ*librarian story from her real-life front-desk experience:
She claimed she has tried Google, Wikipedia and everything (yes, Google and Wikipedia is equivalent to everything to this young reader) but to no avail.

Topic X appeared to me to be a possible entry that can be found in encyclopedias. So I directed her to the encyclopedia section, and told her to try the Encyclopedia Britannica, Americana and World Book.

She looked at me like I just spoke to her in French. Then she asked me "What Britannica?"

So it has come to this. The word "Encyclopedia Britannica" has become a technical jargon that the young generation no longer understands.

I brought her to the shelf and pointed to the encyclopedias. She stared at the shelf blankly for a minute, then turned and asked me, "how to use encyclopedia?"


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  1. Hey thanks for this. And the link. I think I might also enjoy QQ Librarian's ramblings.


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